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I heard from glaudy u like your mods so here is some sneak peaks from Europa Barbarorum II for MTW2

And some links
Das sieht echt verdammt gut aus!:verehren:
Uii, so eine Grafikkarte will ich auch haben! Nedisch sein!
Wow !!!! :ohnein::verehren:

Really dammed nice units and realisticall graphics!
I still love this roman legionarys now! :P
it looks great!The graphic looks damn good!

You guys have to speak English here...
Altharion can't understand so much German:winkewinke::weisheit:
das sind evocatii
Aha ... also die Elite-Legionäre, welche länger dienten als der normale Legionär... Interessant, daß die hier als extra Einheit vorhanden sind :)

Ehm... evocatii were the Elite-Legionarys who served longer than a normal legionary or made a 2. time contract. Intersting, that they are here as extra unit in the game ...:)

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Was ist so denn anders als bei EB1 ?

Und bitte kein Englisch reden, ich versteh sonst nur Bahnhof:D
EB II should be a good mod to keep us all happy while we wait for a RTW2.

"I like my romans red". Though they maybe be historically accurate i still think the legionaries in the above pictures look like armenian legionaries :gleichgibtshaue:

and sorry for the english. I think if i tried typing German you would understand even less :ohmann:

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Was ist so denn anders als bei EB1 ?

Und bitte kein Englisch reden, ich versteh sonst nur Bahnhof:D

Der gravierendste Unterschied dürfte sein, dass EB II für MTW II ist und damit dem Spiel andere Möglichkeiten offen stehen, die es bei RTW und damit EB I noch nicht gab.
Is it still in progress or ready to play?
We have just started making the units, so you have to be patient, but before RTW 2 should be possible ... ;-).

the Evocati showen above are still work in progress, an example by one of our graphik artitst ( Xprime )what is posssible in MTW2 with all the different shilds and weapons and the higher texture resolution.

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well if the team can continue the amazing work from EB 1 ,whitch is the best mod in my eyes (untill imperium parsa from jounk isnt out), i wont need a total war empires. rome player will find a new home here on nice medieval 2 graphics. i heared that there will be 10 more factions available then in rome.

the only problem EB has is that it runs a little slow, but i think u can fix it on medieval basement.
The next preview is online
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